Training - Adolescent/Rescue Dogs

This class is for older puppies and young adults who may have missed out on earlier classes, or for owners who would like to carry on with their training. The groups are kept small with extra instructors so that we can give you the intensive start to classes that you need, whilst giving your dogs an environment they can cope with.

Large groups of dogs in a class can be overwhelming, not conducive to a learning environment. 

We sell blocks of four classes and we run the courses on a regular basis. If you have only just adopted through rescue we recommend that you give your new dog a chance to settle into a routine and develop a bond with you before attending class, research shows that dogs who have a trusted bonded relationship learn quicker. This also allows time for any residual stress to subside.

What we cover on this course:-

Dog Training, Puppy Training, Loe Walkies
Focus and attention when asked
Collie, Dog Sitting, Dog Training, Love Walkies

The classes are kept small to ensure you get lots of support.

The classes last for six weeks. Courses start approximately four weeks apart so you never have to wait too long to secure a place.


This course lasts four weeks and costs - £60.00

How to play with a toy and give it back when asked

Handling for grooming and veterinary examination

Focus and giving you attention when asked

Go to bed

Recall (coming back when called)

Basic positions such as sit, down and stand

Walking on a loose lead and heal

Stay and wait