First impressions count

How to introduce a new dog to your household.

So the day has finally come and you are eagerly anticipating your expanding dog family. The expectation can be one of long walks, your new dog snuggling up to your resident dog, a companion for you dog when you are not around, and sharing your fabulous home to a dog that has no home.

However any dog entering a new and unpredictable environment without a known caregiver will find it stressful, their behaviour may be out of character, stress can be the fuel for many behaviours that would not be normal for that dog if they felt safe and relaxed, such as increased urination and unreliable toilet training (stomach upsets), being withdrawn and not wanting close contact, generally being unsettled and unable to sleep well .Dogs will often need time alone especially if arriving from a kennel environment, so they can catch up on much needed sleep.

The key part of welcoming your new dog, is that you go at their pace and keep their world small and predictable, no immediate vet visits or grooming appointments, solely focus and relaxation and building a bond with your new friend.

I made this video along with a fellow behaviourist Roz Pooley so that we could make this process simple.

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