Reactive Dog Help

Reactive Dog

Are you struggling to walk your dog?


We really do want you to love your walkies, and we know how distressing it can be to have a dog that barks and lunges at other dogs they see while out on a walk.


Living with a dog that is described as reactive is not easy. Reactive dog outbursts are awkward, embarrassing and quite stressful - for everyone involved, most of all your dog. If dog at the end of the leash is a daily grind for you, read on and learn positive change.

One thing we must remember is the actual meaning of the word reactive. Reactivity, by the sheer definition, means the dog is reacting, rather than randomly acting.

This means that the dog has ended up in a position that he can’t cope with, that he believes he can’t leave, so has no other choice to react, for his own safety. This means we must take responsibility for most of the occasions that our dogs react, they are in situations that mean they cannot cope.

So, let’s consider how we can do better...

Seek help, there are many things you can help your dog with from reading books and watching videos, we feel that dog’s and owners with this problem need professional intervention. Not only because you need a training plan, but also to have support while you work and train.

Whilst you are working on a behaviour modification plan, we often look at alternative ways to support and enrich your dog’s life, when walking is no longer fun, they need safe outlets for their daily enrichment to prevent boredom and relieve stress.

What to expect when we start to work together...


You will be invited to the training barn for an assessment. Before we do this, we need to know that your dog has a clean bill of health from their vets, this is because underlying pain and illness can be a huge contributor to aggressive behaviour, would you fancy going to a party with a raging toothache?

This session last approx. two hours, we take a detailed history

This session last approx. two hours, we take a detailed history

Understand what your dog finds rewarding, what they enjoy

Taking the dog for a walk

How they learn and what they already know with regard to trained behaviours

We discover what causes them stress and how to remove or reduce it

We observe their body language and how they respond when we use one of our specially trained dogs to gauge their coping distances

We discuss management strategies, equipment and new training skills

You receive a comprehensive report summarising the assessment and training going forward

You are added to our online support group for people already working with our plans

After the assessment, around 7 - 10 days later we will meet once more to review the assessment, follow up with coaching your new skills.

The Reactive Dog Package costs - £180.00