One to One Training

Dog Training, Rachel Trafford, Love Walkies
Dog Training, Love Walkies, Rachel Trafford

Sometimes we all need some additional help with basic training or maybe to deal with some specific behaviour issues. We are here to help with our positive approach where we work with you and your dog to help you fast track your way through basic training or to deal with more complex problems.

We offer a range of One to One Dog Training Services designed for those who would prefer a more in depth approach to training their dog or who require a more individual service.


New Puppy and Rescue Dog One to One Training


This is a personalised two hour home visit designed to help you prepare for your new arrival to talk through worries and questions you may have.


It’s also an opportunity to review your plans including; toilet training, introductions to children and other family pets, building a relationship, setting training goals and preventing problem behaviours occurring. The session is designed to help you and your dog have the best and most constructive start to your relationship together.  


I do not leave clients isolated and am always willing to take follow up calls or emails.  


Whilst this service is primarily aimed at clients with new puppies I do tailor these sessions for clients taking on older dogs.



One to One Training for Dog and Owner


At the risk of stating the obvious, we all accept that people are individuals and dogs are no different. By far the most effective form of training I recommend is a very personalised, one to one sessions with the owner and dog in its permanent environment. Both dog and owner tend to learn faster in an environment that carries less stress for both compared to the formal classroom training situation.  


The number of sessions and topics covered are normally agreed after the Initial Assessment Session.  


Initial Assessment Session:-

There is never a magic single answer to dog training and dog problems, it is often the learning and practice of a combination “tools” and techniques that provide long term lasting solutions.  


The purpose of the Initial Assessment Session, which normally lasts two hours, is to listen to you and what you need help with, your worries and fears and to see you and your dog in its home / walking environment, looking at the “natural” interaction and dynamics.  


We can then discuss the best approach for you and your dog and I will explain, show and guide you in the techniques needed.  


All our methods are non physical, we do not hit, smack, or use prongs, choke collars, electric shock or spray collars.  


Training is based on the way that dogs communicate, so they learn very quickly rather than taking months by use of repetition. It is very rewarding for you when they start to listen to you, however there is no magic wand, you need to put some work in too!  


So if your dog is no longer a pleasure to own then all you have to do is give us a call and we will be in touch to discuss how we can help.

Initial Assessment Session:

90 minute  -  £90

One to One Training Session:

1 hour  -  £45

3 x One to One Training Sessions:

3 x 1 hour sessions  -  £125

6 x One to One Training Session:

6 x 1 hour sessions  -  £225  

Travel over 10 miles from Leek, Staffordshire is charged at 38 pence per mile.