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Love Walkies provide a range of dog training, socialising and walking services throughout Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire.

Our aim is to enhance the relationship between your and your dog!  Allowing you and your dog to have a better, more enjoyable life together!

Raachel Trafford, Love Walkies, Dog Trainer

Rachel Trafford

Dog Trainer & Owner

Rachel has worked with animals for 30 years, and in the last ten years her focus has been working with dogs. Having worked with various animal charities, she decided to start a charity to work with dogs that had suffered abuse and neglect, with the focus being on rehabilitation, and so Moorlands Dog Rescue was founded.

Rachel now assesses and monitors the rehabilitation of many traumatised dogs that come into the care of the rescue.

This gives her a wealth of knowledge and experience, addressing the many varied and diverse behavioural problems that may arise.

Rachel continues to complete educational courses and attend seminars, to ensure her knowledge is kept up to date, investing heavily in her professional development.

As a fully Certified member of the International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants Rachel is required to demonstrate competency in six core areas including assessment and intervention strategies, consulting skills, knowledge of animal behaviour, and species-specific knowledge. Continuing professional development is essential to keep up to date with current scientific theories and development, as such Rachel attends many training courses with international top trainers.

Rachel is  a VSPDT – a Victoria Stilwell Positive Dog Trainer. VSPDT’s are and selected by Victoria to ensure they have the theoretical knowledge, training skills and most importantly the people skills required to become a top dog trainer.